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The Process of Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal

Posted by: Wolverhampton Tree Surgeons

We know how difficult it is to get the machinery in your back garden due to small gateway. Sure, you should not be blamed about that and we won’t either.

To resolve this common concern, we make sure that our machinery fits through the smallest openings of a garden without compromising its ability to effectively tree stumps even in awkward places.

We make sure that tree stumps will be eliminated without causing any fuss. 

The Process of Tree Stump Removal

Upon arrival, our team will first set-up the tree stump area, guarding it to avert any grindings from sprinkling further thus keeping minimal mess.

We use grinders, a machine that grinds down tree stumps till it will be below the ground level, leaving you with grindings that resemble tree bark.

After removing the tree stump, the remaining portions of stump can be utilized as mulch or can be removed if not needed.

Why you should remove a tree stump?

Tree stumps are the remaining parts of trees that were previously removed. Having it in your backyard will just be pointless.

Not to mention the fact that it may look horrible especially when some unwanted plants begin to grow around it. It also accumulate space that can be used for a more valuable stuff and may even pose some hazards.

Therefore, removing tree stump is a good decision or let say investment because you will not just eliminate the possible hazards but will also make your place clean and look pleasant.

What Happens Next?

After removing the tree stump, re-landscaping of the land can eventually started.

Tree stump removal will leave some hole in the ground. But this can be easily resolved through filling it up with topsoil, scatter some grass said then cover the area with tree stump grindings.

Afterwards, the previously useless and dull tree stump area will transform into phenomenal patch of green grass. Nevertheless, that is not the only option.

Generally, you can do whatever you want with that area. Just tell us and we will do as you please.


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