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Month: February 2016

Some tips to help you get better

Some tips to help you get better

Search Engine Optimisation is very important as you can’t get your website up there with the others until your website has undergone some kind of optimisation!Knowing what to do is always handy as most businesses don’t have a clue where to start! So I have listed below some tips for you to read through!

Request customers to leave reviews

Try to request your customers to leave a review about your business through thank you pages, contact forms, invoices and emails. Whether positive or negative, any review is good although a lot of bad reviews can spell bad news for your business. But if the local enterprise you own is a good one you do not need to be scared of bad reviews. No organization can keep all consumers completely happy.

Optimize your site

It is essential to have your website optimized. Prominently display your local phone number in text format, and not as image, on the landing page and homepage of your website. Ensure that the number is a working one and comes with a mention of the local dialling code. Write down your business mailing address in full, and ensure that it is the same as mentioned over the listing. Optimize every page on your site as per the targeted location.

Use local citations

It is also essential for you to list your own business on local classified sites and local directories. Even today, the algorithms of Google and other search engines depend on these sources for complete details about a business and finding out how popular it is. You can list your business on websites like Yellow Pages and Yelp, and give a boost to your own local rankings.